Nwabisa Mayema

An entrepreneur with a zest for life and adventure, Nwabisa is passionate about developing female entrepreneurs across the African continent.

Nwabisa is a co-creator of a social enterprise called nnfinity. As the executive director (one of two), Nwabisa focuses on delivering knowledge and insights to multi national corporations and globally-minded education institutions on social entrepreneurship and female-specific enterprise development.

Nwabisa is a natural networker, which allows for nnfinity to direct its efforts towards fostering the growth of female entrepreneurs through relationships and networks. Nwabisa is also the co-founder of The Collective Genius, a youth-oriented consultancy in corporate social responsibility.

She has been listed as one of the Independent Media Group’s Top 100 Young Independents: Inspiring and Aspiring Young South Africans (Innovation category) and is a top 5 graduate of the Goldman Sachs-GIBS 10,000 Women Certificate Programme, 2014.