Nicole Copley

Nicole is an NGO lawyer. She consults to NGOs from all over South Africa, as well as to international NGOs. She is a qualified attorney with a Masters in tax exemption law and practised as an attorney in the corporate environment – working as a business lawyer with Shepstone and Wylie in Durban. She then started working in the Non-profilt sector and established her own law consultancy in 1996, working exclusively for NGOs.

Nicole has many years of experience with NGO work, and with dealing with the relevant government departments. She works predominantly with NGO’s and offers them a range of services – advice on what structures they should use, how to set them up, how to restructure them if necessary, amending documents to comply with a change in legislation and the requirements that follow, obtaining income tax exemptions (“PBO”/ Public Benefit Organisation status), 18A status, and NPO (NonProfit Organisation) registration. In addition to this, Nicole sets up Non Profit Companies, trusts and associations, and deals with all of the legal administration in running them.