Michelle Matthews

Michelle works at the intersection of social and business innovation, from curating industry-leading events and communications to driving small, pioneering projects. For over two decades, she has created and promoted initiatives that break the mould; managing and working with teams on web, mobile, print and public-space projects.

As the Cape Innovation and Technology Initiative‘s Head of Innovation, today she helps large companies and corporate funders craft their social-investment and sustainability message, and identify and promote projects at the forefront of social change. She’s worked with over 400 companies, startups, non-profits and social-impact projects.

Michelle is also the co-founder of social-impact publisher Book Dash, launched the ground-breaking Oshun Books imprint, helped pioneer mobile-phone storytelling in South Africa, and has advised a range of innovative ventures and award-winning startups, including Electric Book Works, Bettercare and Paperight.

Michelle won the British Council South African Young Publishing Entrepreneur and PICA Public Interest Writer of the Year awards, was nominated among the Mail & Guardian’s 100 “people who will help shape South Africa”, and led award-winning sustainability publications.