Edwell Gumbo

Edwell has 15 years’ experience split up in Business Incubation Management, Project Management, Business Coaching, Entrepreneurship, Engineering, Chemistry Education, Leadership and Management in a number of organisations. He has been exposed to Incubation, Enterprise Development, Entrepreneurship, Training and Project Management, and served as an Incubation Manager at Awethu Project.

Awethu project has a mission to using entrepreneurship to create a world that we all want to live in, a socially and economically just society in which everyone realises their entrepreneurial potential. We have so far incubated more than 1000 SMMEs and will incubate another 1000 between April 2016 and March 2017. The entrepreneurs that we incubate are spread over a number of industries. Currently, Edwell is serving the City of Johannesburg’s Economic Development.