Andile Dube

Andile Bonginhlanhla Dube is Mandela Washington Fellow, Spark International Fellow and an entrepreneur who is the co-founded of two businesses, the first being a property company called Begrand Properties which focusses on Property Investment, Sales and Property Management and the second current business is called Cream (Creating Revolutionary Entrepreneurs And Moguls). Under Andile’s tenure within the property business they grew their property portfolio from R0 to R1,3 million, their property management portfolio from 0 to an estimated market value of R25 million and their annual turnover from 0 to R1,6 million. In 2015 he stepped down as Chief Operating Officer of Begrand Properties to follow his passion in education.

In his current business venture he is the Creative Director of the Young Hustla Initiative, a Cream initiative. Young Hustla is an initiative which uses stories and mass media entertainment programs as a means to educate, inform, influence social and individual change among young people within an expanded entrepreneurship space. The latest project within the initiative is a comic book called Young Hustla. The comic book follows the life of several aspiring young South African entrepreneurs from different cultural, social and economic backgrounds. Aside from the initiative he also serves a member of the Presidential Youth Working Group where he advises Ministers and the President of South Africa on youth matters pertaining to education and economic transformation and participation. Andile holds a Economics and Econometrics degree from the University of Johannesburg.